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Investor Self-Certification 

Self-certification refers to a declaration or statement made by you, confirming your eligibility or status for this particular investment opportunity. 

We require self-certifications for regulatory and compliance purposes to ensure that you meet the specific criteria associated with the investment.


Carefully read the definitions and choose the relevant category that aligns with your experience and resources.

Download and complete the appropriate statement and return it to us with your application form and supporting documents.

Select Your Investor Category and Complete the Required Statement:

Restricted Investor

A restricted investor is an individual or entity that does not meet the criteria for being a high-net-worth or sophisticated investor. They may have limited experience in complex financial markets and investment products. Restricted investors are subject to certain regulatory limitations, often designed to protect them from high-risk investments that may not align with their financial capabilities or understanding. As a result, they may be excluded from participating in certain types of investments and may need to seek professional advice or education before doing so.


Sophisticated Investor

A sophisticated investor is an individual or entity with a deep understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and a high level of financial knowledge and experience. They are typically well-versed in complex and high-risk investment products and are capable of evaluating and managing the associated risks. Sophisticated investors often have a history of making informed investment decisions and may be eligible to participate in investment opportunities that require a higher level of financial sophistication.


High-Net-Worth Investor

A high-net-worth investor is an individual or entity with substantial financial resources and assets. Typically, they have a net worth significantly above the average, often exceeding a specified threshold. High-net-worth investors are experienced in managing their finances and have the capacity to invest in a wide range of financial instruments, including high-risk and high-reward opportunities. They may have access to exclusive investment options and financial services due to their substantial wealth.



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