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Introducing Amberis: Preferred Partner for Insurance Bond Products

Providing a distinctive insurance broking service rooted in innovation and without a set list of products, Amberis collaborates closely with its clients, crafting tailored solutions to align with growth and developmental requirements.

Having traded as Parker Colby for over 12 years, the firm undertook a comprehensive rebranding exercise to meet the needs of the rapidly changing insurance landscape. This includes the introduction of Qualified One-Way Cost Shifting (QOCS), a legal rule to limit the liability of a claimant for the defendant's costs in related claims.

Regulatory Assurance

Re-affirming its position alongside its peers, organic growth has seen it establish itself as a high-volume player with a reputation for quality products and service.


As independent brokers, Amberis analyse the marketplace and recommend the best solution for a firm’s specific needs, providing the regulatory assurance that an informed decision has been made.

Amberis have also strengthened their team with the recent recruitment of Rory Wilson. As the new Business Development Manager, Amberis claims that this appointment shows their commitment and intention to push for increased market share in a new look marketplace.

Wilson says:

“Our customers have been very vocal in the support of our work, in no small part attributed to the quality of [the] product and the high level of service they receive. However, we are conscious that the brand ‘Parker Colby’ might not be in everyone’s conscious thought. It is a chance to re-invigorate what we do and push a brand which will be recognised for unique, attractive, solid and reliable protection.”

Investment Vehicle

An Insurance Bond (often referred to as an investment bond) is a type of single-premium insurance policy. It's primarily used as an investment vehicle and is designed to protect an investment as a financial product that combines elements of insurance and investment. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the underlying investment against certain risks.


Our litigation financing comes complete with an Insurance Bond issued by Amberis that operates within an SRA-compliant model backed by the current case law of England and Wales. It offers investors 100% capital protection.

Amberis is a trading style of Parker Colby Insurance Brokers Ltd. Parker Colby Insurance Brokers Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No.300069).

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