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KWS Litigation Funding: A Superior Investment Option

The game-changer investors have been yearning for, KWS Litigation funding opportunities are a non-correlated, low-risk alternative investment offering the allure of a share of the proceeds and substantial pro-rata returns.

When other asset classes are stuck in a performance rut, KWS Litigation offers the perfect antidote to the woes of traditional options, transforming litigation funding into a dynamic and rapidly expanding field. Continuing to gain prominence as a unique and attractive investment option, particularly in the UK, litigation funding has proven to be superior to traditional investment avenues for several reasons.

Paving the way for a seamless and exciting investment landscape, KWS Litigation offers litigation funding opportunities with excellent returns and capital assurance. Investor capital is not only untethered to the rest of the economy but also shielded by an FCA-regulated broker insurance bond.

As such, our litigation funding investment options offer stability and protection while delivering the kind of yield that turns heads.


KWS Litigation Supports Two Distinct Types Of Claims:

These claims are substantiated by a UK High Court Judicial Review. This declared the related contracts as unenforceable and stipulated the repayment of all funds including interest and disbursements. As a result, contracts must also be unwound.


OFGEM, the regulatory authority overseeing the UK energy industry has raised awareness based on their review findings. The evidence suggests a significant number of energy brokers or Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) recommended energy contracts with undisclosed or hidden commissions. Unfortunately, these suggested contracts were not in the best interests of the businesses involved. Despite being marketed as the most competitive prices available, in reality, many businesses ended up paying inflated prices. The resolution of these claims will follow a similar approach to the previously addressed PPI claims, utilising the principles of Plevin Law which had incredible levels of success.

Litigation Funding: An Emerging Solution

Historically, lawyers have taken on cases with strong merits, but the expenses associated with legal action can be burdensome for ordinary, everyday people who have fallen victim to mercenary sales techniques and underhand practices. Oftentimes, claimants struggle to self-finance their claims and pursue legal action against finance mis-selling and business energy claims.

To address these challenges, litigation funding has emerged as a solution. Vital in providing the necessary capital for cases of finance mis-selling and business energy claims, KWS Litigation ensures that a lack of funding doesn't impede or restrict otherwise viable claims.

Providing access to justice, our investment model not only creates a mutually beneficial outcome but also expedites the legal process, levels the playing field and increases the chances of favourable settlements.

Diversification Takes Centre Stage

In a world where traditional portfolios struggle to generate quick returns, KWS Litigation hones in on genuine alternatives, constructing investments that not only enhance risk-adjusted returns but also provide meaningful diversification. It's a strategic dance that promises a portfolio as dynamic and resilient as the market itself.

One of the primary advantages of litigation funding is its lack of correlation with traditional financial markets. Unlike stocks and bonds, the returns from litigation funding are not directly influenced by market fluctuations. This non-correlation makes it an excellent choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and reduce overall risk.

Potential for High Returns

KWS Litigation funding offers the potential for substantial returns in quick time, often exceeding those of more traditional investments. This high-return potential is particularly appealing to investors seeking above-average growth in their portfolios.

Risk Mitigation

KWS Litigation funding is specifically designed to minimise investor risk. We safeguard investor capital via an insurance bond issued through FCA-regulated brokers. The insurance bond operates within an SRA-compliant model backed by the current case law of England and Wales and ensures that the principal sum is reimbursed in the unlikely event that the case is unsuccessful.

Commonly used in litigation and purchased after the dispute has arisen and once barristers have agreed to pursue the case, the insurance bond covers a range of legal costs, including court fees, expert witness fees, legal representation fees (barristers and solicitors) and other disbursements related to the case. It also covers costs that may be awarded against the claimant if they lose the case. The cost of acquiring the insurance bond is incorporated into the minimum funding amount for each case, offering investors 100% capital protection.

Stringent Due Diligence

KWS Litigation leverages over five decades of litigation funding experience to ensure a comprehensive and well-informed claim evaluation process. Investors in litigation funding benefit from access to our top-notch legal expertise. To ensure the viability and success of each case, we employ a stringent selection process and apply uncompromising criteria by thoroughly assessing the merits of a case before funding is approved.

Each claim undergoes scrutiny and evaluation through a thorough three-stage selection process. This process involves initially engaging an FCA-regulated Claims Management Company, followed by a solicitor’s assessment and the preparation of an expert report, before ultimately undergoing a review by a Barrister.

Anticipated Timeframe

The average term for each case conclusion is 12 months. This is in contrast to the significantly longer timeframes associated with typical private equity deals.

Potential for Recurring Revenue

This structure can lead to a recurring revenue stream for investors as they participate in multiple legal actions simultaneously. Moreover, investors have the option to reinvest at any stage. The diversified nature of litigation funding portfolios further enhances the potential for consistent returns over time.

Socially Responsible Investment

Investing in litigation funding with KWS Litigation is a socially responsible choice. By providing financial support to individuals or entities with legitimate legal claims, investors contribute to fostering justice and fairness. This socially conscious aspect of litigation funding adds an ethical dimension that may be lacking in some other investment opportunities.

Compelling and Rewarding

Litigation funding in the United Kingdom emerges as a superior investment option when compared to conventional alternatives. Its non-correlation with financial markets, potential for high returns, risk mitigation strategies, access to legal expertise, potential for recurring revenue and socially responsible nature collectively make it an attractive and well-rounded investment choice.

As investors continue to seek innovative ways to diversify their portfolios, litigation funding in the UK stands out as a compelling and rewarding option.

Ready to explore your options and how this article relates to you?

KWS Litigation is here to help you navigate the legal landscape and optimise your financial future. Contact us today to learn more.


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